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We're a leading full-scale Creative Studio based in the United States with International Divisions. We work closely with Entrepreneurs, Actors, Directors, Producers, Film & Television Networks, Public and Political Figures, Past Present and Future Professional Athletes, Brands, Startups, Franchises, Doctors, Attorneys and companies alike to inspire your niche. We'll ensure to devise customized methods towards obtaining objectives while integrating all channels in correlation with an imaginative cohesive single message portraying your image.

Discover how we can captivate and transform the way you Engage with your audience, Connect individual or business endeavors and Promote for overall success. 

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Artists and Motion Pictures

Accredited in film & television we offer all stages of development, pre-production, production, marketing, funding, promotional content, editorials, distributions, worldwide audience engagement, celebrity endorsements, actor management, directorial debuts, film startups, actor branding and much more! Those privy to the industry know what it takes to be "ALL IN."

We offer a unique professional skill set for production and entertainment value for Film Makers, Cast and Crew Members. Our primary location is in association with Georgia Film ( Accustomed in all aspects from Treatment to Production. Within communities we provide services and accolades for business owners, assist with locations, Permit approvals, Supportive Member of Chamber of Commerce(s), Legal Logistics, Financial & Tax Incentives, Safety Guidelines in compliance with Insurance etc. to verify a project comes and goes with a positive and well received iconic perception. 

In addition to film and television projects, we can also streamline Book Publications with Acquired Suitable Authors as well as Ghost Writers if you want to keep your project confidential. If interest remains only in Pitch Decks to Screenplay, we can consolidate your visions and aspirations to target Investors and create customized trends to reach optimal ROI in accordance with budgets. If there's a demand for potential motion picture options, then we will formulate a plan to publicize and launch. We'll recommend and facilitate Pre screenplay and Post screenplay with Paperback,  Audible, Apple and Amazon options. Historically, entertainment executives would purchase established book rights, story telling of based on real life events to articulate into a motion picture. In modern times, this is still a utilized avenue; however more common pitch decks and story lines are coming to life before a book. Scripts are born before the writing begins. 

Already have an established Film or Show Set, we're beyond thrilled to join and find tedious specifics to offer what is recommended in the moment of our fast paced environment. Keep it simplified and text our executive department a location, pre arrange with casting companies, send a private direct email or contact via IMDb.

Disclaimer: We keep all correspondences strictly confidential and pending projects under wraps until a consensus of green lit agreement to make public knowledge or broadcast.

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We know that the best results come from having the right people or multiple companies working on a project. Our team and partnerships offer expertise in various areas of services, which is why each client is matched with suitable outlines to help achieve goals. With our proven strategies, your business is bound for wild growth.


  • Data Engineering

  • Web Technology Solutions

  • Website Design


  • SEO algorithmic integrations

  • Google / Microsoft Listings

  • Facebook apps

  • New app concepts and coding

  • Rapid Application Development

  • IT Talent on demand

  • Mobile Design Platforms

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Testing Operations

  • Intranet Solutions


  • Print and Digital Marketing

  • Volume Consulting Strategies

  • Social Media Optimization

  • Media Marketing Products

  • Public Relations

  • Event Distribution

  • Product Development

  • Project Management

  • People Management 

  • Branding

  • Business Analysis

  • AD Campaigns

Business Meeting

Looking for Branding and PR services? We’ve got you covered. Boost your business, your brand and image reputation, and don’t let potential customers/fans/clients pass you by. With our unique Branding services, we will help you with all that you need to retain existing clients and prospect new ones to grow your business even further. If deemed necessary, we'll assume risks while pushing buttons to research scenarios compatible with legal measures and remain outside the box with creative impressions to enable creations while protecting the integrity of a project. Our world class services will immensely maximize the profitability you have to offer.
Our Public Relations Division remains in ethical compliance with Public Relations Society of America, INC with our clients.  


We serve the public interest by acting as responsible advocates for those we represent. We provide a voice in the marketplace of ideas, facts, and viewpoints to aid informed public debate.


We adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth in advancing the interests of those we represent and in communicating with the public.


We acquire and responsibly use specialized knowledge and experience. We advance the profession through continued professional development, research, and education. We build mutual understanding, credibility, and relationships among a wide array of institutions and audiences.


We provide objective counsel to those we represent. We are accountable for our actions.


We are faithful to those we represent, while honoring our obligation to serve the public interest.


We deal fairly with clients, employers, competitors, peers, vendors, the media, and the general public. We respect all opinions and support the right of free expression.


Core Principle Promoting healthy and fair competition among professionals preserves an ethical climate while fostering a robust business environment.


  • To promote respect and fair competition among public relations professionals.

  • To serve the public interest by providing the widest choice of practitioner options.


Disclosure of Information

Core Principle Open communication fosters informed decision making in a neutral society.


To build trust with the public by revealing all information needed for responsible decision making."

Casual Work Meeting

Our Business Analysis services will put you at the head of the game. We create smart, innovative communication channels that will take you to where you need to be. With our smart ideas, stylish work, and successful communication, we will infuse your entire brand with a unified strategy, voice and look to maximize your return on investment. We'll streamline and store your proven data to track your progress and consult you towards a solution.

Music Apps

Looking for Marketing services for your online identity? Leave it to our Social Media Marketing Optimizers. We know just what it takes to differentiate you from the crowded and competitive market in your specific industry. With our team of experts, no task is too large for us to accomplish. We are driven, dedicated, and will work tirelessly to get the results that you deserve.

Laser Scanning Book

 Exciting Announcement


Film Crew

Allow us to be your first choice with relations in the Digital Ecosystem. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we'll have you standing out.

Film Slate Marker

Our Business Consultants set the stage for your success. Be it if you're a public figure, athlete, executive, niche business, startup or financial institution we offer expert advise and overall summary for future growth and development.

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Elevate your foundation with our state of the art technology division of services. We work together to merge our distinguished visions with you to come up with something really spectacular.


  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Conceptual Prototypes

  • ChatGPT

  • Digital Data

  • Data Engineering

  • Web Technology Solutions

  • Website Design

  • UI/UX Design

  • GitHub 

  • Prototyping or wire framing services

  • SEO algorithmic integrations

  • Sponsored Google / Microsoft Listings

  • Facebook Meta apps

  • New app concepts and coding

  • Rapid Application Development

  • IT Talent on demand

  • Mobile Design Platforms

  • Intranet

    • Business Office Automations​

    • Manufacturing Companies

    • Service Industry

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Testing Operations


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